WHO INSPIRED AND SUPPORTED YOU? – Tales from Bo / by Bo Gerard

Even if all you read of this weeks blog is this first line, I would really love to hear your comments on where you found support and inspiration in your life.

There are those that supported me:
Although my parents weren’t exactly crazy about my decision to go into the Show Business, they supported me in so many other ways – too numerous to count.  Not only did they not disown me, when I quit my job at Con Edison in 1978 and went out to make my living as a performer, they continued to love and support me in many other ways.  I hope they felt some small relief when it looked like I was making a go of this show-business lifestyle and that Gretchen and I were able to make a home and family of our own.

Then there are those who inspired me:

Great Performers: for me it was the likes of Danny Kaye, Dick van Dyke, Louis Prima and Jimmy Durante, who inspired me to use mix comedy with music and character. to create something that was unique to me;

Great Teachers: for me the great Nat Horne, dancer and choreographer extraordinaire.  He taught me to work really hard and not be afraid of getting the dirt of the dance floor into my pores.  He inspired me to create an emotional narrative for every movement that I made on stage.

Talented and caring colleagues that were always willing to help with ideas, researching available magic, and immediately stepping in to take a performance when illness or injury prevented me from fulfilling my obligations.

And most importantly my amazing creative and performing partner for the last 37 years, Gretchen – without whom I would certainly have not had such a rich and rewarding career.

So, who supported and inspired you?