THE RED TIE – a magical tale for adults who are drinking and gambling. / by Bo Gerard

(This is the story of a musical opener I created for some casino shows I did years ago.)


There once was a red necktie, (not a redneck tie) who wanted more than anything to be a magician.  (I know, but stick with me on this)  All the shirts and jackets in the closet would laugh when the red tie told them his dream to perform on the stage and bring joy to an audience.  Even the other ties snickered.  (Haters gonna hate)  To make things worse, one day the red tie was thrown into a bag and dropped off at the Goodwill, where he hung for months, losing a little more hope every day of ever achieving his dream.  (So far this sounds like every hopeful performers story)

Then one day a man came into the store and chose the red tie and four or five other ties from the rack.  (Goodwill Hunting)  The man, it turns out, was a magician and he was looking for some ties to use in a new act he was creating.  The new act was a musical story about a magician who comes out on stage but forgets to put on a tie, so he chooses one from a rack that swings out from his performance case.  (This is our red friends big break!)  However, the red tie was merely going to be one of the ties on that rack that were not chosen by the magician.  (We're looking for someone younger!)

Watch the video!

After weeks of rehearsal the magician was finally ready to perform his new act for an audience.  Hanging on the rack inside the case, the red tie realized that he had one chance to make it into the act, so he decided to go for it.  (You go, Neck Boy)  The act started and as planned the magician noticed he had forgotten to put on a tie.  The magician swung out the tie rack, chose a blue tie, and swung the rack back into the case.  But before the magician could put on the blue tie, the red tie found the strength to pop his head over the top of the case.  The magician saw him pop up, but the tie lost his grip and slipped out of sight.  (Ties have notoriously bad grip)  Again, the magician went to put on the blue tie and the red tie popped up again, and this time he was up to stay.  The magician walked over to the case and pushed the red tie down, but the red tie sprung his body and landed on the magician’s shirt.  (When they go low, we go high)  The magician opened his jacket and the red tie was so excited to be on stage that he started floating in the air, all the time holding onto the shirt collar with all his might.  The magician pushed the red tie down, but he was too happy to lie flat and he sprang up again.  (Never give up, never surrender!)

The magician felt a bit out of control, so he took a pair of scissors and cut the tie off just below the knot.  (Mac, the knife, King)  When the magician put the severed tie onto a tray, the tie still felt good enough to raise himself up as high as he could on the tray. (Oppa Cobra-Style!)  The magician finally pushed the red tie down and tossed him into the case.  By now the red tie was feeling a great power within him, so he flung himself back onto the magician’s shirt, happily joining his other half.

The magician realized that this red tie was something special and would not give up.  So, he took of his jacket and flipping the tie over his shoulder invited the tie to rise up and dance for the audience.  The tie was very happy to finally be performing with the magician, and they both danced and bobbed to the music.  (Corporate Party-Style)  Then they took their bow and the magician happily pulled the red tie back to his chest.  As the music ended the magician and the red tie realized that they had, indeed, made some very special magic together. (Happy (sappy)ending, but the casino audiences ate it up.)