As a performer, you are naturally concerned about how you look.  It’s a big part of your brand and marketing.  So, when I began considering letting my hair go grey, I was apprehensive about how it would affect not only my marketing but also my connection with the audience during my performance.

Well, I am happy to say that the transition has been a marvelously smooth one.  In fact, many friends and clients say my new look fits my onstage personality really well.  But, during the transition, I had numerous chats with both men and women about going gray, and it has become quite apparent that women have had a much rougher time about letting their hair go grey than men. 

Grey hair on a man has long been considered distinguished, a confident sign of maturity, and even sexy!  Yet women, in general, have not been positively rewarded for letting the grey show.  In a survey where people were asked which men they think looked good with grey hair, they said George Clooney or Anderson Cooper.  When asked which women they think looked good with grey hair, they said Judy Dench or Queen Elizabeth.  Notice a difference here?


The good news is that grey hair is currently in fashion.  Even teens girls are dying the hair grey.  (As a sign of non-conformity.  What else?)  So now, ladies, we must strike while the curling iron is hot.  Make the move and show your beautiful, distinguished grey, for all the world to see.  Let’s end this double standard.  Next, we’ll tackle equal pay!