There are thousands of blogs out there that can tell you the "Ten Best Things" to get your site ranked high in a Google search. (key words, alt tags on your images, etc.)  No need for me to put that in here.  Also, there are a thousand SEO (search engine optimization) companies out there that claim that they can get you rank #1 with Google.  But, many of these company use Grey Hat or even Black Hat practices to improve your sites ranking.  The truth is, like in all personal relationships, it’s not that hard to get Google to like you if you are honest, communicate well, and keep them updated.

Here are a few DIY SEO methods (too many acronyms?) that have worked really well for me.  Of course you could pay someone to do this stuff, but I am a big do-it-yourselfer, and I am getting good results.  I am presently listed in the 4th position on a search for “Dallas Magician”, just under the big Gigzilla Sites (Haven't figured out how to beat THEM yet.)

1)  START A BLOG:  Regularly posting a blog that has content relevant to your business, and linking each blog post to Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, is a really important way to get good page ranking. (Create accounts with all four of these social media sites, if you haven’t already.)

2) CREATE A GOOGLE BUSINESS PAGEand follow the guidelines for both your page and your GOOGLE + PAGE.  (Yep, you need a Google + page and you need to post to it regularly.  Your Google Business Page will get you listed in the Google Local Results on top of every results page.  Also post to YouTube as often as possible.  It’s very important to keep up to date with the guidelines for your Business listing.  My Business Page was recently suspended, because Google discovered that my address was a residence, and I had not indicated that I do not see (perform for) clients at this address.  I fixed the account and the suspension was lifted.

SEO is a work in progress, and it takes regular work and attention to keep, or improve, your Google ranking.  It only takes an hour or two a week for me, I enjoy it, and its FREE!