MY NOT-SO-SECRET LOVE AFFAIR – Thoughts from Bo / by Bo Gerard

When you love someone, you want the best for them.  You want them to be happy and fulfilled.  You want them to have a good life.  Well, that’s exactly how I feel about my audience.  I want to help them enjoy their lives and I want to be a part of their happiness.  I love them.


It’s not an intimate love, but it is love none-the-less.  And like “true” love, I don’t necessarily need them to love me.  My love for them is a gift, with no expectation of reciprocation.  I do, hoevwer, hope that they love the experience I bring to them.  I just may have been put on this earth to give this very gift to them, and I am blessed to have been able to give it for over 40 years.


I realize now that this "gift" is the reason I was attracted to performing in the first place.  The first time I felt my audience gasp, or heard them laugh, I was hooked!  Not because I want their adulation, but because I felt I was making a difference in their lives, if only temporarily.  And I hope my love affair with my audience is no secret, but that it is obvious and taken in the spirit that I intend.


While my intimate and familial relationships continue to be strong and vital, I have met many a performer who had some trouble with intimacy in relationships, while at the same time excelling at building a relationship with their audience.  In fact, the great comedian Richard Lewis once said, “I have intimacy issues with women.  The most intimate thing I can say is ‘I love you… Ladies and Gentlemen’.”


This affair with my audience has been the perfect affair.  No sneaking around, or cheap motels.  And any sense of danger I desire is easily fulfilled each time I take the stage in front of an audience of strangers.

But, they won’t be strangers for long.
Love, Bo