MY MAGICAL DAY / by Bo Gerard

My life is full of magic... products, that is.


When I wake each morning, I head to the bathroom, where after my shower I apply Cowboy Magic Detangler to my hair, and spread some Black Magic Cream on my face. 



I follow that up by applying a healthy dab of Blue Magic Pressing Oil to my coiffeur.  As I walk across the house, on the way to my home office, I pour some Plant Magic on my dieffenbachia.  Then maybe I’ll stop in the music room and play the piano a while, thanks to my Chord Magic course.


Before I leave the house I always apply my Mouse Magic repellent and a couple of Mosquito Magic wipes, to keep off the pests.



I then hop into my car, which is always clean and shiny thanks to Auto Magic Professional Car Care. Time to head to the store to pick up my Magic Natural Energy Drink. 


Of course, if I spill any of it on the upholstery, I simply whip out my bag of Spill Magic, and I am golden.  Long day, no worries.  I have my box of Simply Magic, and it will not only control my appetite, but my mood as well.  Finally, home after a long day, it’s time for my beauty sleep.  So, apply my Egyptian Magic Skin Cream and hop into my comfy bed; where my Magic Fingers Bed will help me achieve a more peaceful nights rest.  Hope I have some quarters!