My Life As An Impostor - Thoughts from Bo / by Bo Gerard

I enjoy reading biographies, and I am always amazed at how many talented, famous people secretly feel like impostors, fearing that they would one day be found out.


We all have many versions of “ourselves” that we employ in different situations enabling us to make it through our wonderful, crazy lives with a minimum number of "crash & burns".  There's the "you" at work, the "you" at home, the "you" at the semi-annual family gatherings, the "you" when you are driving,  and the "you" when you are sitting alone just thinking.  Which of these is the real “YOU”?


As a performer, I have even more versions of "myself" ready and waiting to be deployed like a Swiss Army Knife of skills.  In my career I have been or currently am:  a singer, a dancer, a writer, a musician, a magician, a juggler, a comedian, and an actor. (Acting like an actor is a very complex business indeed.)


I have trained in these disciplines, practicing long and hard, in an attempt to perfect these various personas.  As a result I have happily made my life and living as a performer.  Yet, all the while I have been keeping a keen eye out for that inevitable tap on the shoulder, and the stern, quiet voice saying, "All right, buddy, let's go - just get in the car and don't ask any questions!”.  Then he’d whisk me away to that place where all impostors must ultimately go.

It might not be such a bad place, though.  We impostors will sure have a lot of great stories to tell each other.