When I reached that ripe old age, I told my Mom that I wanted to get a job delivering newspapers.  So, she took me by subway to the Department of Labor Building in Jamaica, NY, and got me my working papers.  I subsequently held many jobs, before I found my way to the world of MAGIC & COMEDY.  They are as follows:
Paper Delivery Boy (2 years),
Stock Boy in a NY Deli (2 years) ,
Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners Salesman (one day!),
Stock boy in a large grocery store (2 years),
Cleaning and Delivery for a Dry Cleaners (I year),
Bus Boy in a fancy Italian restaurant (I year – concurrent with Dry Cleaning job),
Policy Preparer in a large NYC insurance company (2 years), and
Payroll Clerk for the NY Power company, Con Edison (5 years.  Where, by the way, both my sister and father also worked.)

Except for a 6 month stretch in my sophomore year of high school, I have had some sort of job since I was 11 years old.

I have always had a strong urge to work.  I was the child of immigrant parents, and although they never pressed me to get a job, it seemed like the right thing to do - to work hard, be independent, and contribute to the household.  My parents never asked for any of the money I made while I was living at home, either.  They did however encourage me to purchase wisely and save as much as I could.  At age 13, after 2 years of delivering the Long Island Press, I had saved $70 in a bank account my Mom set up for me at Astoria Federal.  I learned very early that there was nothing like that feeling of working hard and having something to show for it.

I have worked every day of my life since then, and don’t quite know how I will deal with the day I actually stop.  Maybe I just won’t.  Stop, that is.  Because for all the talent and gifts I may have, there is one thing I know that I am absolutely lousy at… and that is lying around and doing nothing.  I simply must DO!  As the immortal Yoda said. "Do or do not. There is no try."  He might also have liked to say, “Hard you should work, kind you should be, and will happen to you amazing things”.