I SHOULD BE DEAD! – Guidlines vs Reality / by Bo Gerard

According to the National Health Service, I should have shriveled up and died from dehydration long, long ago.


Their recommendation for a daily amount of fluids is: 5 glasses for 5 to 8-year-olds. 7 glasses for 9 to 12-year-olds., and 8 to 10 glasses for 13+ years. When I was 7 years old, I was lucky if I drank 1 or 2 glasses a day! Even in the summer. And me and my friends weren’t allowed to come running indoors, breaking knick-knacks and dirtying up the floor, just to get a drink of water. We went without, or if we were really desperate, we drank out of the hose in the back alley. In fact, I don’t really remember drinking water from a glass while I was kid growing up. I maybe had a glass of orange juice in the morning, and maybe a glass or two of soda with dinner. That’s it!


So how have I survived? Got me! I’m guessing that either I have some Camel genes in me, I am some sort of super humanoid, or these “glasses-a-day” rules are merely guidelines. So, this blog is not really about hydration. It’s about living your life by guidelines. Guidelines are a useful tool and can help you lead a relatively healthy and safe life. But sometimes, as a performer, you have to step over the guideline, (or under it) if you want to achieve something unique, something personal, something that connects.


As a corporate and family performer, I have spent my life flirting with the line. Sometimes stepping over it, only to quickly jump back; and sometimes stepping over and discovering a new path. (or at least a new line of patter or piece of business) One must be safe, but still take chances now and then. That’s life, whether you are a performer or not.

So, once again, guidelines are GOOD! But don’t be afraid to ignore them when inspiration beckons. I raise my glass of water and toast to “Your Adventure!”