Being a variety performer is the worst thing you could do, if you are trying to achieve dementia.

First of all, you are ALWAYS LEARNING – new tricks, new routines, new marketing techniques.  Your brain doesn’t get a moments peace.

And performing is a physically challenging endeavor; not to mention set up and strike of our shows and AV.  A working performer has no problem getting REGULAR EXERCISE.

As performers, we have to look our best, and fit into our costumes.  Therefore, a HEALTHY WEIGHT must be maintained, by whatever means possible. (healthy diet, exercise, gastric bypass)

I don’t know a single variety performer who SMOKES.  Try blowing a 260 balloon up after smoking a pack of butts.  And long hours performing, with no opportunity to smoke, is another deterrent.

ALCOHOL impairs verbal and physical skill.  And most clients do not allow performers to belly up to the bar at a gig anyway.  (What you do after the show is your own business.)

Performing is a natural BLOOD PRESSURE regulator.  After performing a few thousand gigs, we seen and done it all.  it takes a lot to get a variety performers blood pressure up.  We are cool under fire.

Being a variety performer is truly an adventure – every day.  And ADVENTURE FIGHTS DEMENTIA!