DALLAS’ TOP, #1, BEST, WORLD-CLASS MAGICIAN’S BLOG – Unverifiable Claims / by Bo Gerard

When it comes to modern advertising and promotion, “Hyperbole is King!”  Nothing beats hyperbole!  IT’S THE BEST!

Before it had anything to do with Geometry, Hyperbole, from the 1640s Greek hyperbolikos , meant "extravagant" - literally "a throwing beyond".  We’ve all been guilty at some point of using hyperbole and unverifiable claims in our marketing, but how do you know if you’ve gone too far?  Since modern advertising is rampant with hyperbole, it doesn’t seem out of place for Magicians to make claims that they are the “Best”, “#1”, and “World Class”.  And these kinds of claims certainly aren’t new.  Performers have been making them over 200 years.


Some opt for the somewhat milder forms of “hype” like “Simply the Best” or “Premiere”, or “Most Sought After”.  Some petition friends and family to vote for them in a local newspaper’s “Best Of’ polls, so they can claim that they were voted “Best Magician in Wherever”


There are still some among us that would prefer to make only verifiable claims, limiting themselves to phrases (if appropriate) like “Award-Winning”, “Audiences Love…”, “Professional”, etc., while continuing to hope a prospective client will take the time to read some of the testimonial letters or view a video clip or two.  But in today’s fast-paced, buyer-entitled world, Old-School might just be, well, OLD.


Nowadays, it seems that if you can craft your hyperbolic rhetoric so that it cannot be proven to be false, (or true), you’ve got the perfect modern advertising!  Take it from me – “The most Sought After, Award-Winning, Professional, Comedy Magician in the country!”  (Just try and prove any of it wrong.)

Answers to image puzzles:  I could eat a horse; This bag weighs a ton;  You could have knocked me over with a feather;  My feet are killing me.