CELEBRATION VS CELEBRITY - Bo in the trenches / by Bo Gerard

The difference between celebrations and celebrities - no rehab!


Every major career choice I have ever made has turned me away from celebrity.  Instead of celebrity, I have chosen celebrations as a means of making a living.  Take the two shows I did yesterday.  In the afternoon I performed at an adoption party, celebrating a family’s arduous journey through the adoption process.  In the evening I performed at a wedding rehearsal dinner.  Company banquets, business mixers, festivals, birthdays, award dinners - all year long, people ask me to be a part of their very special celebrations, and I am honored and grateful that they do.


I have never chased celebrity.  In fact, I have turned sharply away from it many times in my life.  First time was in 1982, when we moved AWAY from NYC, in hopes of finding a cleaner, less manic place to work and raise a family.  Soon after we moved here, I was offered the opportunity to work corporate incentive trips on cruise ships in the Caribbean, but it would have meant being away from my family for weeks and months at a time.  Not for me.  Not while I had a wife and two-year-old daughter at home.


A few years later I was offered the opportunity to “middle” (that’s the guy who is not the MC or the opener, or the headliner) in a national Stand-Up Comedy Club circuit, but that would have meant being on the road 40 weeks a year.  Thanks, but no thanks.  I have traveled extensively doing corporate shows and trade show, but I’ve tried to never be away more than 5 days. 


Saying no to opportunities that mean you would be away for extended periods of time, does not exactly catapult one into stardom and celebrity.  But, that’s just fine with me.  I would much rather make my CLIENTS the celebrities, and gratefully do my best to make their celebrations memorable. 


And as my good friend and fine performer, Dal Sanders, once said to me, “Everybody’s famous, somewhere.”  I am happy being one of the most famous people in my own house.