Magic is amazing!  But is it “JAW DROPPING, CHANGE-YOUR-LIFE AMAZING”?

It all started innocently enough.  “I LOVE dancing the Charleston!”.  “I think Elvis is the GREATEST!”.  “WORLD’S BEST COFFEE”.  Hyperbole is not new, but in this always-online age, it has gotten really big and noisy.  (I mean “INFINITE” and “DEAFENING”) Everything we say online needs its volume jacked up a few notches to actually be heard.  Modern day hyperbole, like a Spinal Tap amplifier, is when you turn that volume up to 11.

Videos aren’t amusing, they make you, “ROTFL.”
Things aren’t “cool,” they are, “THE BEST THING IN THE HISTORY OF EVER!”
News isn’t sad, it’s “EARTH-SHATTERING.”

The problem is, most things we do or encounter on a day-to-day basis live in that middle ground.   Most things don’t actually make us LOL. They just make us smile.  Most things don’t “rock us to our core.” They just make us stop and think, “hmm…that’s interesting,”

But like “the boy who cried wolf” (I mean, “OMG, you guys! This wolf is KILLER!”), if we say everything is AMAZING, after a while people start to question if we think anything isn’t amazing.
And when something comes along which really IS amazing, no one pays any attention when we want to talk about it, because we’ve already over-played the attention card

So, be careful how often you use words and phrases like…
Shocking, Amazing, Jaw-Dropping, Ridiculous, Genius, Horrifying, and Breathtaking
Because that’s how we describe things which are exceptional, and “exceptional” doesn’t happen every day.