ATTACK OF THE GIGZILLAS 2 – Sizzling Summer Sequel / by Bo Gerard

Gigzilla has hatched a few babies, and they are taking over the world!


Back in February I blogged about how the Gigzilla sites (like Gigsalad, Gigmasters and Phillip & Henry) were dominating the Google organic search results for magicians and other performers.  Since then even more sites have appeared, like Kazzam, and Thumbtack.  Even Yelp is making a go at being a one-stop-shop for booking local performers.  I know a number of local performers who are part of these sites, and I have even gotten some work through Gigsalad myself.  I had a very good experience working through Gigsalad, but I do find it easier when I can communicate directly with the prospective client from the very first inquiry. 


Good news is – end customers can choose from a number of “local” performers and book them through the Gigzilla sites.  Bad news is - although it is implied that these are the “BEST” entertainers available, most of these sites don’t spend time vetting their performers.  That means there's everything from seasoned professionals to rank amateurs, listed side by side.  What the Gigzilla sites do spend time and money on is getting their sites listed on the first page Google results.  Some even make sure their Google Ad is the very first thing you see when you search for a performer.  They employ every tool at their disposal to grab the top result positions.  These are coding tools that are beyond the likes of me and other DIYers.


And the Gigzilla sites are very useful to the new generation of performers, who don’t necessarily see the need to build, maintain and promote their own website.  They get along just fine with just a Facebook page, some YouTube videos and a membership with some, or all, of the Gigzilla sites.  Since these sites don’t vet their performers, the onus is on the customer to do the vetting.  In days of old, clients would peruse my site, then talk to me by phone, and then some even asked for references’ phone numbers that they would actually call!  However, many of today’s potential customers aren’t even screwing down to the Client List and Testimonials on your site anymore.


Maybe we at the tipping point, where it doesn’t pay to maintain a site of your own; keeping up your search engine, optimization, regularly adding content, and keeping up with browser and device changes.  Maybe in this sequel, Gigzilla finally WINS!!!