ART IN A VACUUM – Thoughts from Bo / by Bo Gerard

Magicians can be a solitary bunch; that is when they’re not going to ring meetings, lectures and conventions.


Even though there is a great brotherhood in the magic world, and enthusiasts and practitioners are learning and sharing tricks, a lot of them are doing it in a vacuum.  They aren’t seeking help or advice from other professionals that might take their act and brand to a much higher level.


Magic is a theatrical art, and theater is a collaborative art.  No one would be surprised to learn that a theatrical producer collaborates with playwrights, directors, lighting and costume designers, choreographers, and even the performers; so that the show is the best that it can be.  Yet many magicians never submit their work for review or improvement by anyone outside of the magic world.


This, I feel, is an unfortunate choice.  You don’t have to be a Las Vegas headliner to take advantage of this kind of collaboration.  There is so much that can be improved by having other theatrical professionals contribute to your work.  A stage director can help you with pace, flow, sightlines, comedy, and more.  A choreographer can help you make beautiful, yet appropriate, pictures on stage; and can even help you with misdirection.  And lighting and costume designers know more than you do about making your time on stage spectacular.


The help you get from these experts will breathe "fresh air" into your work, and it will help you sell your show, by giving you a stronger visual brand.   Any act can benefit from working with these pros, whether you do grand illusion, platform shows or strolling.  Being a magician can mean more than merely doing tricks.  You can create a character, a persona.  An ACT!  Don’t go it alone.