ANGEL IN THE 7-11 – Tales from Bo / by Bo Gerard

Life as performer is sometimes fast-paced and hectic.  So much so that it’s sometimes easy to forget just how blessed I really am.  Luckily, there are angels in the world who gently remind me to feel gratitude for my wonderful life.

I met one such angel in a 7-11 one day.  I had just performed with The Dream Collectors at a Dallas elementary school and I was headed over to Fort Worth to do a show for a corporate luncheon.  I was stressed because time was already going to be tight and I had gotten out of the school later than I had hoped.  So, it looked like lunch was going to be an Arizona Green Tea and a bag of nuts at a 7-11 near the school.  When I ran in the store I was stopped in my tracks by a wet floor.  A small, older woman was mopping and blocking my access to my hasty lunch snack.  I looked at her and said “I’m sorry I have to walk across your clean floor”.  Well, this woman just smiled at me and sweetly said “Oh don’t worry.  That’s job security!” 

HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT!  This woman in her 60’s, mopping the floor in a 7-11, in a sketchy part of town, had a better attitude about life than I did.  Here I was, feeling rushed, over worked, and underappreciated; and she managed to feel gratitude for her job and even show kindness towards me.  Her lesson has stayed with me to this day.  SHE is an angel!

Since then I have met many more angels, maybe because I sometimes manage to look for them more often now.  Sometimes the angel doesn’t even say anything.  Sometimes it’s just a special smile they shine my way.  “Saber” was one of those.  Gretchen and I had just finished performing at Silverado Senior living in Dallas last July, and it was a Texas squelcher of a day.  As we came out of the building after the show we met “Saber”.  This small, slight man was stationed outside of the building, in the unbearable heat, valet parking visitor’s cars.  Even so, he managed to give us a warm smile and ask us what we had been doing inside.  We learned he was from Azerbaijan and was parking cars so he could make enough money to go to night school.

He was so open and warm, and had such a powerful sense of caring that his name should have been Light "Saber".  We were so touched by him that we drove over to a Dunkin Donut, picked up an icy cold Frappuccino and brought it back to him.  This man was so moved by this small gesture that he almost couldn’t believe someone would do such a thing.  But a cold drink was nothing compared to how he made us feel.  He reminded us that we should enjoy the world and everyone in it, no matter how hot it is or how difficult your day is going.  HE is an angel!

Look for angels –

they’re out there!