5 REASONS TO STRIVE FOR MEDIOCRITY – Thoughts from Bo / by Bo Gerard

#1  ONLY THE MEDIOCRE ARE ALWAYS AT THEIR BEST - This quote from playwright Jean Giraudoux says it all.  If you are tired of the emotional and physical highs and lows that accompany a life in show business, and would like your life to have more of an even keel, then maybe mediocrity is for you!

#2  HIGH ACHIEVERS END UP WORKING UNPAID OVERTIME - Why put in all that extra work, when it’s likely no one will notice or appreciate it?  You’ve see some performers who are just basically phoning it in, and they’re getting loads of bookings.  Why work to offer a better product if it won’t get booked?

#3  NO RISK OF FAILURE - Failure is embarrassing.  Failure is depressing.  By just being adequate, you greatly reduce your risk of failure, and you won't have to face any of that.

#4  YOU CAN FOCUS ON YOUR LIFE OUTSIDE WORK - This is awesome.  If you want to spend more time with your friends, family or on your hobbies, striving for mediocrity with your work means you'll have time for that. No late-night prop making sessions, no free time eaten up by researching or rehearsing new material.  It's not a bad life.

#5  LESS COMPETITION FOR PERFORMERS LIKE ME - who want to be the very best at what we do and don’t mind putting in the work that it requires; who don’t mind working all day and night, and are willing to risk failure.  Who are willing to ride that emotional and physical roller coaster and make sure our family life doesn’t suffer too much from it.

Remember – Mediocrity starts with Me!  So, give Mediocrity a try.  But don’t try too hard!