6 REASONS YOU DON’T NEED PRO AV FOR YOUR STAGE SHOW – Letter from the trenches / by Bo Gerard

1)  IT’S HARD TO PERFORM WITH ALL THAT CRAZY LIGHT IN YOUR EYES – Who can concentrate when the mic is so hot the audience can hear you breathing, and the lights make it look like you’re making a prison break?

2)  CLIENTS WILL LIKE YOU A LOT MORE – You won’t be hassling them with contract riders, and then phoning and emailing to remind them about all the details in your contract rider.  You’ll be the “easy guy” to work with.

3)  YOU CAN CHARGE LESS   You spend less times on hammering out the contract details, and don’t have to recoup the expense of providing professional sound and lights.  The less time spent on making sure a gig is going to go great, the better, right?

4)  YOU CAN GET TO THE GIG LATER – No need to show up an hour before the first guests arrive to do a sound and light check.  You can stroll in 20 minutes before show time.  Sweeet!

5)  DIM LIGHTING AND A CHEAP SOUND SYSTEM CAN HIDE MANY OF YOUR SHORTCOMIMGS – Hey, what the audience doesn’t see or hear, can’t hurt em.

6)  IF THE CLIENT DOESN’T LIKE YOUR SHOW, YOU CAN BLAME IT ON BAD AV – Irony abounding!  And it’s always good to have someone to blame!

Listen, your job is to do your show and get paid, right?   Let someone else worry about how well your show is received and perceived.