DON’T PET THE SWEATY THINGS – Thoughts from Bo / by Bo Gerard

If you want to come up to say hello after one of my shows, I recommend we start with a handshake, because… I SWEAT!  That’s right, I admit it.  When I am performing, I work hard enough to break out into a good sweat.  No matter how much cardio I do offstage, onstage the sweat still pours out of me.  There was a time when it bothered me.  We've all grown up watching performers on big screen whipping themselves into a frenzy, without excreting one drop of sweat; so I thought I was abnormal.  (Well. I am.  But not because I sweat) This on-screen dryness we've seen a million times is more a product of film editing than of biology.

“Never let ‘em see you sweat!”  That’s the old saying.  But what is so horrible about sweat?  The fact of the matter is when you are really giving it your all, you are bound to schvitz a little.  Or even a lot.

I had a great teacher in NYC, and he always told us “Leave it all out there on the stage.  Don’t hold anything back!”  And that’s what I do.  And if you don’t mind a little moisture in your hugging, please do come up to me after a one of my shows and lay one on me.  I would be most happy to see you.