Dave “ELVIS” Tapley has left the building – The end of an era. / by Bo Gerard

This morning one of the worlds truly unique people left us.  Dave Tapley lost his valiant fight against cancer today.  I first met Dave around 1990, when he hired me to be the magical emcee his Cavalcade of Stars Show.  Since then I had worked with, and for him, hundreds of times, as have many, many local and national performers.   A great singer and entertainer, Dave was an interesting mix of savvy businessman/promoter and a rambunctious 13-year-old.  He built a big Look-A-Like booking business, while also performing all around the country with the Cavalcade Show.  He also booked a lot of national acts for corporate events.  With Cavalcade, I traveled to New Orleans, Las Vegas, New York City, Chicago (just to mention a few) and all over Texas and Arkansas.

Dave was big in every way.  He had a big presence on stage as a performer, he was a big booking agent, and he liked to have really BIG fun.  If the audience could only have seen what sometimes went on in the green room before, during and after the Cavalcade shows, they would have gotten quite a kick out of it.

Dave’s passing marks the passing of an era.  An era where audiences wanted to be fully engaged with the performers on stage.  Where performers could interact with audiences both physically and verbally.  Where you got the audiences “undivided attention”.  Things are a bit different now, and I miss those days.  And we will all really miss the one and only Dave “Elvis” Tapley.