6 Important Things I Learned in 2015 / by Bo Gerard

1) When you are loading in your show and sound equipment, and start feeling like it seems much harder to jump up and down off of the stage than it used to – it comforts you to realize that you are wearing skinny jeans!

Speaking of skinny jeans:
2) ALWAYS put your socks on BEFORE your skinny jeans.

3) Never start a physical game with a 2 year old that you are not able to do at least 50 times in a row.

4) Never hold a deck of cards in your open palm if there is a grating on the stage directly below your open hand, and your assistant from the audience is shnockered.

5) Milk of Magnesia is safe, cheap and aluminum-free, alternative to deodorant!  And it works really great!

6) Many of your good wishes and urgent messages are sitting in someone’s spam folder at this very moment.

HAPPY 2016!!!