Why you want to hire a professional performer for your event. / by Bo Gerard

Professional performers have a reputation to maintain.  This reputation is possibly their most important tool if they wish to continue their professional endeavor.  To gain a good reputation they must be easy to communicate with, have great promo, a great deal of meaningful experience, handle contract and billing efficiently, arrive on time and deliver the experience that they have promised to you and your audience.  They must also have reliable transportation, business insurance, great wardrobe, great sound equipment, well maintained props and be available 24/7 to perform wherever the need arises.  They can also make suggestions on crucial things like staging, sound and lights - things that make the difference between a very good show and a GREAT show!  Running a business is a full time job and it takes time and money to stay in the game.  So, that's why professional performers charge more than others.  They have a bigger overhead, a bigger overall investment and they know that their reputation is only as good as their last show.  Every show, every customer experience, is supremely important to them.  So when a customer is calling around for pricing and finds a performer with a nice website and pretty good referrals, but their price is a fraction of what others are charging, you have to wonder how they manage it.  Sometimes "You get what you pay for".